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In case you missed it, my name is Rich Ung and I started Rich Ung SEO because I saw a need for personalized search engine and website optimization services for small to mid-sized independent companies just like yours. I also saw others who provide these services were large teams or part of major companies. Their SEO services were often impersonal, their methods โ€œmysticalโ€ and it simply took too long to see tangible, understandable results. 

Brands I've Worked With

At Rich Ung SEO, I am your point of contact. I partner with you, becoming part of your digital marketing team. This is not a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all process. Marketing require efforts to design, build, and maintain your campaign to the top of the search engine rankings. I will not just email you some confusing report to update your progress. I will be there to explain it. You will not only see what is working and where we can make improvements, you’ll learn the rationale. Along the way, you’ll discover that in spite of what some SEO companies would have you believe, SEO is not some form of magic or mysterious formula only they possess. Sure, it takes knowledge and experience, but it also involves continuous learning, careful monitoring and detailed research. Quite frankly, it takes the type of hard work, diligence and determination you are likely applying to your own business right now. I take care of your SEO for you, but not as a vendor or service provider, but a partner with my reputation on the line. That’s one of the reasons I put my name on my company.

See Results in Weeks, not Years

No matter what you pay for SEO optimization services, if they are not effective or take too long to be effective, they are costing you and your company too much time and money. My philosophy is simple. Build effective SEO strategies for my clients and the cost is almost irrelevant. Now, that being said, you will find my services exceptionally affordable.

Grow your website traffic with me

No more scratching your head and wondering if you're doing it right. I break it all down for you to understand what's going on.

๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป How Can I Help You Succeed

You have the flexibility of choosing our ร  la carte services, or our full-service, SEO Optimization program. Our services are perfect for any situation your business is in. On a tighter budget? No problem, take advantage of our ร  la carte services. Think of it like a prepaid cell phone plan, you only pay for what you need. And if you don’t have the time to manage the campaign and want a hands off, peace of mind approach we can offer that too. No need to worry because help is on the way regardless. Check out our services below.

Website Quality Audit

Not sure where your site needs improvement? I perform a 100 point inspection on your website.ย 

On Page Optimizations

What good is it if you only have a list of keywords? For this service, I implement them the right way.

Keyword Research

I go through with you the best keywords for your business needs for new, existing, and other pages.


Not sure which domains to reach out to? Is your anchor game a little weak? Let me take care of it.

Discover the Advantages of my Digital Marketing services

Let me be upfront here. I am a relatively soft-spoken, modest person. I am not prone to boasting or making exaggerated claims. I do, however, have confidence in my work and my work ethic. I have seen my efforts pay dividends for independent businesses just like your company. It is with this background I humbly assure your satisfaction. I guarantee you will be satisfied with my efforts, and your results. If you don’t feel the progress you’ve seen and the efforts we’ve made are worth continuing, we can virtually shake hands and be done. No hard feelings. No long-term commitments.

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