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Are you looking to get on the first page of Google? Looking to get on the local map pack? Just want to rank for your brand. Whatever the case is, I can help you with your SEO needs. Areas I serve include:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SEO in its most basic format is optimizing the words on a webpage to make them more valuable and more likely to be picked up by a search engine, ranking it as a higher search result. Because of this, SEO can be useful to just about anyone with a blog or website who’s looking to bring in more clicks or more viewers to their page. However, local SEO is especially useful for small businesses who are looking to maximize their customer intake by targeting their area’s clientele specifically. Whether you run a small coffee shop, nail salon, clothing boutique, or family restaurant, local SEO can help put you on the map and bring more customers to your door without having to sink hundreds into an ad campaign. 
Local SEO is designed to capture a specific audience of internet users: people who are looking for search results that are geographically near them. Search phrases like “dry cleaners near me,” “coffee shops within ten miles,” and “best romantic restaurants near me” are common examples of local SEO and often drum up a lot of business for smaller companies or businesses who aren’t as well known. This is especially helpful for mobile users, who have become a growing base of web searchers. By creating a website with SEO keywords targeted and tailored for mobile internet searchers, you increase the odds that someone will pull up your business on their phone and head your way.

Local SEO sets businesses apart from regular SEO practices because it includes the proximity factor, the keywords that tell search engines where geographically you’re located so that they can pull your listing as an option for mobile searchers in your vicinity. Putting in your address is a start, but the more you can optimize your location language, the easier it will be for Google to flag your listing and show it as a top option for searchers.

By this point, all of this information might be sounding like technological jargon and gibberish that makes no sense. That’s understandable- SEO can be confusing for many business owners. However, the importance of local SEO can’t be understated. By properly outfitting your website with the tools you need to show up as a highly ranked option in Google searches, you increase the odds of your company’s success and continue to keep a healthy flow of clients into your business. Trusting the services of a local SEO marketing company can help you realign your website to find the best fit with your vision and Google’s needs. Expert SEO planners can redesign your website with both you and Google in mind, creating a perfectly personalized website that boosts your customers and your confidence with ease.

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I show you how to get on the local map pack which is ever so crucial if you have a local business. It is the key to converting sales.

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Believe it or not, title tags and meta descriptions are still important to rank on search engines. Let me handle it.

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Rich Ung Fresno SEO

Rich is conveniently located off Routes CA-99 and CA-41 in the Fresno neighborhood of Bullard at the intersection of West and Herndon Avenue. If you’d like to meet in person, book a free quote prior to scheduling a time. 


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